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Friday, January 12, 2007


Funny, when I usually make up my calendar book for the year ahead, I flip through last years to copy over all the important dates and events - this way I don't tend to forget too much. When I put all the January dates in, I came across a pretty momentous one. Two years ago today, I learned how to knit!

It's one of those things where it seems like I've been knitting forever, but then again, it seems like just yesterday when I learned. I met my knit-bud Heather that night, we became fast friends, and have stayed that way ever since. I feel like I have come so far as a knitter (maybe now I'm a Knitter with a capital K?). My first sweater (Top Secret from Knitty - horrible FO pic here) I do still wear on occasion though it is way too big, and made from an acrylic blend. I then moved on to my first socks (yes, those disastrous "Not So Tall" ones!) and then my first truly challenging project - Hope from Rowan. I had never cabled before, or followed a chart, but I am a jump in and do it kind of person, so with the help of tips out on the internet as well as the Knitters Review Forums I made my way through and got a great FO (I will re-do that picture one of these days!).

Intimidated no more, I just went for every project that looked interesting. My motto was, "if I can knit and purl, I can do it!". I gained confidence and consistency as a knitter. I attended my first Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and was totally overwhelmed. And, totally hooked.

Then, it was 2006, the year of the sock. I had done my first pair of socks and once I got through the first heel turn, the construction finally clicked in my head. I wanted to try again. I made several pairs of ankle socks to work on heels and toes, then moved on to cables and twisted stitches. 2006 was truly my year of the sock.

Socks in 2006
2006 Socks

I also learned knitting with two hands for colorwork as well as better sweater finishing and customizing skills. It was truly an amazing year. For this year, I'm hoping to not only learn new skills, but refine my current ones. Cabling without a cable needle, and maybe knitting continental style.

The internet has been my safety net and my sounding board. You guys have been there through my disasters and triumphs and were always there to answer my questions, and give great advice. I have met many of you in person, and made some great friends. For you, I am truly thankful for this past year as a knitter!

PS - The front of Urban Aran is done and blocking! I ended up adding 2 purl stitches at each side of the front and I think it will be just fine...once again, the knitblog community to the rescue!
Urban Aran Front