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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Two Steps Forward

One foot back. I made great progress on Mamluke yesterday after I got home from Daycare - I knit and knit and knit. Before I knew it, the evening news was on and I had made it through the pattern repeats to the toe. I tried it on to figure out how the heel should be on my foot.

Mamluke Heel
(ignore that little hole)
It fits ok, but not great. The motif strip above the heel really pulls as there is no give and it has to stretch all the way around the widest part of my foot. I made the heel "flap" half of the total stitches as directed by Master Nancy. The only pictures of Mamlukes actually on a foot I could find was this one and this one. I tried it that way as well, but neither way really feels right. I sat back and looked at it again.
Mamluke to toe
Hmmm - something looks off.
Mamluke Boo Boo
You can see it, right? A bit too obvious of a non-repeating error to be a "design element". Argh. Stupid Veronica Mars - just to darn distracting! So, today I need to rip a few repeats of that last pattern and re-knit. Then I can start the toe. I was so exhausted and frustrated I just put it away and grabbed a few other things to bring to work for my lunch hour knit today.

I have the sock to fix, I also brought some yarn for Center Square along with a re-wound skein of the since banished Rowan Cork for this sweater. Yes, I'm going to try again. Glutton for punishment that I am. The sweater will be knit according to the pattern (it is sized ok - no adjustments needed) and hopefully get a cozy sweater out of it.

My needles seem to be cursed lately - I'm knitting and knitting and nothing seems to come off of them that works. Bad knitting mojo. Bad. Maybe I need a mojo makeover. I definitely need something.....