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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

'Tween Week

I hope everyone had a great holiday and got everything they wanted! (or exchanged/returned things and used gift cards to go get what they really wanted!) I still can't believe New Years is this week - time has really flown by this year.

For me, the holiday was pretty relaxing. The dogs, hubby and I got some nice hang out together time, which is hard to come by these days. I didn't knit as much as I would have hoped, but did have fun with family and friends. (along with eating way too much good stuff!) I think hubby gave me one of the best presents of all.
Yard of Licorice
What's that you say, you have no idea what it is? Let's look a little closer....
Yard of Licorice
Yep, yard long pieces of licorice! How neat is that! I have no idea where he finds this stuff.

Mamluke #2 is progressing along - I am halfway through the heel and moving towards the foot. I'd like to be done by this weekend!

My other project is the Urban Aran from Patons Street Smart booklet. It is out of the recycled yarn from the defunct Rebecca sweater.

Urban Aran - Back
I went down to a #11 needle and like the fabric a lot more. I'm a little worried about having enough yarn. The back to the armholes took 2 skeins, so I plan on finishing the back, then moving on to a sleeve to see how much those will take.

On the blog front, I'm not a usual meme doer - not really a huge fan of them - but since I was tagged by Randi I figured I'd go along. I changed it up a little, and here are six things about me (instead of the Strange Things standard meme):
  1. I am an avid (if not anal) list maker. I have lists and spreadsheets for EVERYTHING.
  2. I am a Post-It note lover. You will see them all over my computer monitor, car dashboard - everywhere.
  3. I tend to forget things if they aren't written down where I can see them. (see numbers 1 & 2)
  4. Swedish Fish are my favorite candy. They must be the original Swedish Fish. Not the multicolored ones, no imitators.
  5. I graduated with a BS in pre-veterinary science. Yep - has a lot to do with the systems analyst/DBA job I have now....
  6. My husband and I met on line. (Never thought I'd be saying that!) We always get great looks when we tell people this. I seriously doubt I would have ever met him if it had not been for the internet. I am truly incredibly lucky the fates brought us together.