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Monday, December 04, 2006


Saturday started out like most others - I woke up early and did my morning shift over at the kennel. Something strange then happened - I had the rest of the day to myself! This happens so rarely that I was truly flustered and wasn't sure what to do.

Being my "can't sit still" self, I got a bunch of cleaning and laundry out of the way, and rewarded myself with allowing myself to knit for the rest of the afternoon. I tried on the sweater after finishing the first sleeve and didn't like the way it fit. The sleeve cap was too puffy, and there weren't enough decreases. So, Mr. Sleeve had a brief interlude with the Ball Winder. My Saturday knitting began with this.

Sleeve One after frogging
I started over, re-picking up the stitches and charting out the decreases with a little help from Ann Budd. It's really neat how the short rows create the sleeve cap.
Sleeve Cap for Sleeve One
By dinnertime on Saturday, I finally (re)completed sleeve #1. (artistic shot with the setting sun)
Newly Completed First Sleeve
The cap is nice and flat, and the length and width are much better. I used about a skein and a tiny bit, so I will have plenty of yarn. I'm secretly hoping I may have enough left over to make a pair of Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. They would be super cozy for winter!

Friday was the official start date for the Stranded Colorwork Challenge. I'm determined to finish the sweater before casting on anything for this KAL. My first project will be the Fake Isle hat for my dad. I'll be using solid colors though instead of the Noro. I think it will be a good warm up for the socks.

I also have another Cruise Sock to finish before the 17th, as well as finishing up the second Zebra Sock which I brilliantly left at my parents house last night. I'll need a couple of portable projects to take with me on Thursday when we leave for Boston and the Bay Colony Dog Show. So, a nice three day work week for me this week!

Mini goals for Wednesday:
- Finish Cable Sweater
- Start Cruise sock
- Start Fake Isle hat