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Monday, December 11, 2006

Back and Ready to Rumble!

After four wonderful (but really long) days of doggie fun, I'm back to the real world. My father in law put it perfectly after his visit to the show on Sunday - the dog show world is it's own niche universe. I entered the Bayside Expo Center at 5:30AM Friday morning and didn't leave until 8:30PM last night. We left to go to the hotel to sleep - that was pretty much it! I felt entirely cut off from the outside world - I watched no TV, didn't pick up a newspaper, had no idea what was going on outside of who won Best in Show or a breed that day. It was great.

Deuce, Terri's red merle girl, won Best of Breed all four days! A clean sweep!

One of Deuce's Group Wins
She went on to win the Herding Group two of the four days - we got to watch her compete in Best in Show! She didn't win Best in Show, but we were so proud of her!

Tucker had fun walking amongst all the purebred dogs. A lot of the time he just got to hang out at our "base camp" at the trial and relax.
Tucker in Setup
No big wins or ribbons for him this weekend, but it was his first time running with a huge crowd indoors. There was an announcer, loudspeakers and people clapping and cheering. I was happy with the way he ran with all the new pressures and distractions around him! A really neat part of this trial is that even though it is indoors, they truck in sod for us to run on!
Agility Ring - Boston 2006
It is a treat to be able to smell and walk on real green grass in December in New England! The weather was also typical New England. It was almost 55 degrees one day, snowing and 30 the next. I took advantage of the warmer days to head out for some great views of the harbor and skyline in Boston.
Boston Harbor Skyline
I did manage to get some knitting time in - I finished the cruise socks!
Cruise Socks
They are off to their new home after I weave in a few ends. Lucky socks - they are traveling to Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti for a month! They better bring me back something good.....

Thanks for all the supportive comments about the sweater. It's nice to hear many different solutions and pick me ups after such a disappointment. I know you all have felt the same! Some didn't leave emails, so I couldn't respond back - make sure you blogger users have your email visible! (In your Blogger Profile, click on the checkbox to "show email" - then I can email you back!) After being away from the Rebecca sweater all weekend, I think I have come up with a plan of attack to make it wearable. Rip and reknit the sleeves by picking up less stitches around the arm opening, and decreasing more to make them slimmer. I also plan on reknitting the neck if the sleeves work out. One more chance.

I also plan on finishing up the Zebra socks today. That will clear the path for my colorwork projects - the Fake Isle hat (started) and some Nancy Bush colorwork socks (still not sure which yet). I'm anxious to see how the rest of the Colorwork KAL group is doing!