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Friday, December 15, 2006


So, how do you guys do it?

Fake Isle Hat
(take a picture of yourself in a hat, that is)
Pattern: Fake Isle hat from Magknits
Yarn: Lion WoolEase (had to be machine washable and from the stash)
Needles: #8 Denise Magic Loop Style (note to self - get longer cords!)
Mods: I eliminated the last few rounds of contrasting color at the top. It made mine pop up.

I had the hardest time trying to photograph myself in this hat! I wanted to get a shot of the top, as it's pretty neat, but this is the best I could manage. This was a really quick knit - only about 3 hours total but spaced out over almost a week. I used stash yarn (bonus!. Dad is the lucky hat-getter for this one. This, along with the socks I made him should keep him toasty warm down in his basement office. After seeing how fast this went, added to the fact that I don't have a knit hat of my own, I may make a Center Square hat for myself out of scrap Patons Merino. That, of course, will be after these are done:
Mamluke Sock
Mamluke! I started them yesterday, and after a little less than an hour, I had completed the first chart. I was worried about my floats across the span of the needles where the cables crossed for Magic Loop, but I have been very conscious about making sure I stretch the floats to the right length. I do have some loose stitches right at the beginning (right side of photo) but I think I can just pull them tighter and tack them down if necessary at the end. Knitting with two hands is getting easier as I go. I love that the chart repeats are short enough (8 or so sts) that I can just memorize them and do the round without having to look at the chart. I figure I'll knit a few rows into the next chart, then try them on to make sure they fit. They are a 70 stitch cast on which should (theoretically) be fine as I use a 72 stitch cast on for my "basic" sock with something like Lorna's on #1's. This Regia Silk is a bit thicker than Lorna's, and I'm getting the correct gauge (shocker!). This stuff is so silky - it glides over itself easily and is really, really soft. Bonus - it's machine washable! I hope to get a good chunk done over the weekend as I have no dog show to travel to.

The Rebecca sweater is sitting arm and neck-less for now. Knitting up a new sleeve is my other weekend project.

We've had Ravin about 3 months now, and his training is coming along great. For a dog that knew basically nothing when I got him (except "stand") he has come a long way. Hubby shot a little video of us in class the other night - click here to watch!