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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Smocking is Blocking!

With no agility trial this past weekend, I managed to make a dent in some things around the house. I cleaned, organized and generally got things back in order and on track.

I also made some great knitting progress. Smocking on the Move is now blocking!

Back of Smocking Blocking

Smocking Blocking
I had to block in two shifts, so I did the back and one sleeve the other night, and the front last night. All should be dry and ready for seaming tonight! Assembly is not my most favorite activity, but I think this sweater I just do the shoulders, then have to pick up stitches for the neck and knit that next. So, no full on seaming for a night or two. It blocked out very easily to the measurements, so I’m really hoping it will fit. I always worry when I’m in the final stages of sweater making that I won’t like the final result. But, I guess there is only one way to find out!

The DNA socks are coming along fast (for me anyway!). I’ve turned the heel and now have to pick up stitches for the gusset. I’m kind of making up the pattern as I go – I inserted the cable pattern and a mock twisted cable along the sides, and am doing all the numbers and structural designing myself. My first “self made” sock!
DNA sock with heel turn
These are going to be hard to give up – I really love how the cable runs down the heel. They will be going to a person who will wear them all the time, and knows the work that goes into them. (Now I just hope they fit!) They look even better on…(I had to do a bigger pic of this shot - I just love them!).
DNA sock modeled
It shouldn’t be too far to finish them – just the gusset decreases and the foot! The second sock is not far behind!

Taking the dogs for their morning stroll today, I was greeted with not only pitch black skies, but a nice nip in the air. With the temps falling, and the seasons changing, what better time than to get out my handknit socks from last year. Today, I’m sporting my Falling Leaves socks I knit from Lorna’s Laces in Daffodil last fall. So comfy. I love handknit socks!
Falling Leaves in action
Speaking of socks and fall, Lolly is back with the now annual Socktoberfest! It’s a really great KAL, not so much with a finish line, but more just a celebration of socks. There are tips, contests and a Flickr Group as well. With all those socks and sock lovers, how could you go wrong!

In more sock KAL news, I spotted a really great one over at Rebecca’s blog. My first toe ups looks like a great place to find all sorts of instructions, patterns and help in general for knitting those toe up socks. I wish it was around when I was knitting mine! I plan on looking around for some great tips and patterns though. It’s amazing the information that is available to all of us cyberknitters these days! Get out there and knit!