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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stairs and new Stash!

I've finally managed to download and format all the pictures! I didn't realize how many I had taken over the few days I was down in Maryland. I'll save the good yarny stuff for the end - need something to keep you reading!

My sister's new apartment is just too cute. It's in an older building in downtown Baltimore. She can walk to a Dunkin' Donuts (I took advantage of that every morning!) as well as several grocery stores. The
inner harbor is only about 3/4 mile away. It's a great location! Since it is an older building, there is of course, no elevator. She is on the third floor, so that meant lots of stair climbing!

Back Stairs

There are hardwood floors throughout, and lots of windows to let in plenty of sunshine. The bathroom floor has vintage hex tile too!
Bathroom Floor
We got all her things moved in (thank goodness she didn't have anything bigger than a TV!) and unpacked. It is a great place - I can't wait to visit her soon!

I also went to a great Knit Nite meeting. I finally met Sarah in person and it was so great to get to be able to knit and chat with her! The whole gang was there, and the time flew by. The famous dyer Mama E was there and had a skein of her Chocolate yarn (I believe that was the colorway name) and I just couldn't resist. It ended up coming home with me! You don't see brown sock yarn too often, and the color was just so pretty.

Since we're on the subject of stash enhancement, I did pick up a few other skeins on the drive down. The Fabric Place in Connecticut was closing, so all their yarn was 25% off. I browsed around, but nothing really jumped out at me until I came across some orange baby wool. It's superwash, and a great orange color, and ended up being about $3 per ball. The bargain of the day, though, was some Baby Zarina yarn I found that ended up being mismarked. The color is what attracted me first - a brilliant, bright blue. The price sticker said $4.99 on two of the skeins - the rest were marked $9.99. I brought them, as well as the baby wool up to the register and they ended up giving it to me for the $4.99 minus the 25%! What a deal!
New MD Sock Stash Mosaic
Not bad!

I also managed to dye up my cone of Henry's Attic Kona. I still need to snap a few pictures of the dried yarn as the color changed a little. Post fodder for next week!

Tucker and I are off to another trial Sunday through Tuesday, so all will be quiet here for a few days. I did end up frogging the beginnings of a sock I started with the Cabin Cove merino/tencel. I just didn't like how it looked (or I really messed something up and didn't notice a few rows earlier!). I do, however, have another sock on the needles.....