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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Looking towards the Future (and Maryland!)

So, with my recent slump in the sweater knitting department (seems like I'm not the only one) I took a look at the list of sock patterns I'd like to make, or ones that struck my fancy. There were quite a few......

Here's the list, from top to bottom, left to right:
River Rapids
Straight Laced
Mata Hari
Love me Knot
Mock Crocs
Lava Flow
Holly's Lace
Broken Cable Rib (IK Subscriber only pattern)
Crooked Cable
Falling Leaves
Yukon Leaves
Pretty Comfy Socks
Ocean Socks
More Fun Than Cables
Errant Ankles Lace Socks
Norwegian Stockings
Latvian Socks
Gentlemans Fancy Sock
Childs First Sock
Canal Du Midi
Gentlemans Sock with Lozenge Pattern
Bed Socks
Country Socks

Not too shabby for a seemingly new sock knitter! I do think I need some nice solid sock yarn to show off some of those great patterns in the mosaic.

Yes, I did swatch and come up with gauge for Mariah, but I'm just not feeling the sweater love right now. Maybe it's the warmer weather today, maybe it's my current distaste for all my clothes in general right now - either way, I just think it's not the smartest move to start a sweater (especially one like Mariah that will need both my enthusiasm and attention) when the mojo isn't there. I'd be asking for trouble and future frogging.

So, I will stick to the things that I feel happy about and want to work on. Socks, a hat out of my hand dyed yarn from a few weeks back (ooh - maybe with earflaps!) and looking forward to Maryland in 4 weeks. There is no need to think I have to have a sweater or large knitting project on the needles at all. Granted, since I started knitting one year and three months ago, I thought I'd always want to work on sweaters and larger items, I've changed, my knitting has changed, my amount of free time has changed. So, my knitting has adapted and evolved into smaller, more portable things. I like that I am now comfortable with a short row heel and toe (the Wendy one, anyway!) and want to venture into some lace sock knitting.

Knitting skills can expand without expanding the size of your project!

I still have to get a picture of the boys with their first little ribbons. We have some things to work on for the next trial we are entering in May. Weave poles and rear crosses are tops on the practice list right now!