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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The WIP list shrinks....

I finished the Voodoo wrist warmers on Monday. They were a very simple K2P2 rib, but that was it - I lost interest about halfway through the first one. I picked them up again over the weekend and just willed myself to finish them. It went quick and I learned how to do a 1 row buttonhole! (goal of one new skill per project - check!) I cast on for the second not wanting the drive to finsh to wane too much. A few Tivo'd eposodes of Amazing Race later, it was also done. They were gifted to a woman at work's daughter. Now, I just have to make a pair for myself!

So, the WIP's are decreasing yet again. I did cast on and do the ribbing for the snowflake hat. I don't have a circular needle short enough, so I'm using DPN's. I'm kind of worried to use them with the Fair Isle - but, for now they'll have to do. I guess it will be good practice if nothing else. The DPN's tend to make my left hand sore though. I may do some lookin' for a short circular to ease the pain. (Duh - (smacking head) Magic loop strikes again! Why don't I ever think of it!) Anyway, I'm done with the ribbing, and a few rows of stockinette, so I'm ready to start the Fair Isle pattern (insert deep breath here). Tonight my foray into stranded knitting begins! (wish me luck!)