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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Thrifty finds!

I did a bunch of knitting this weekend. I got the sleeves and back of S's sweater done, and just need to print out a chart for the "S" I want to put on the front instead of a heart. It is very cute, and knitted up fast - pretty much all stockinette except for the seed stitch border (which I love!)

As you can see in the picture, we had a rare few days of full sun, though the temperature was a balmy 7 degrees! Ouch!

Hourglass is pretty much done except for the neckline. I can't quite decide if I should just leave it the body blue color, or do a tiny crochet edge of the contrast color.

A trip to the Goodwill store yielded a few great finds. I got this purple sweater that is 50% wool, 50% acrylic from The Gap. Very easy to pull apart, and I think it is the exact same sweater that Lolly found - just in purple. How weird is that???
My friend Ivy also gave me a floor length 100% merino cabled sweater that had a hole in it. I debated about just repairing it, but it really wasn't my style, so my sister diligently ripped it apart, and in the end we had all this!
It is really 2 ply, one of the plys is darker beige than the other, and boy is it soft! It is a light worsted or sport weight, but there is tons of it. The big balls barely fit on the ball winder.

All 6 dogs are lounging comfortably on the couch - it's amazing we all fit. They all get along so well, and even in the freezing cold they played fetch for about an hour yesterday. It is a full house!