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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Onwards and Upwards

After getting over my fear of cabling with Hope, and getting the stink out of the blue yarn, I figure my next project would logically be the Tahki Oversized Cable Pullover from the Tahki Winter 2004 booklet.

I've had it for a while, and the chart actually now looks simple (dare I say). I think it will make a nice, big, comfy sweater for winter. Plus, as an added bonus, I'll be getting rid of a heap of yarn from my stash! (my secret goal before the Webs year end sale is to use as much of the stash as possible to justify more yarn purchases!).

On a gift knitting note, I completed the hat for my sister in law, the knitting for the felted pillbox hat from SimpleChic for my mother in law, and I'm getting through the Dublin Bay sock #2 (which I want to finish ASAP so I can start the Jaywalker sock with my KnitPicks Pansy yarn!). I didn't put much on the agenda this year for holiday knitting. I may start a pair of mittens to match my sister in law's hat, but only if I have time. Her birthday is in February anyway, so I could knit them for that also. It's nice to be working on a bunch of small projects that finish lickety split.

I feel like I'm going through good tex mex withdrawls. Down in Baltimore, my cousin and I always go to Baja Fresh. There are none at all around me, and I absolutely LOOOOOVE their food. I get a veggie burrito and tons of their fresh made salsa. Can't get enough. Recently, we've been going to Chipotle also - another great, fresh made veggie burrito. I was lucky enough on this past trip to get to go to both. Heaven. Sadly, niether is located anywhere near me. This may be a good thing as I'd probably spend way too much time at either one.

Lots of cooking and cleaning to be done today. The boys will get a nice bath and blow dry before all the guests come tomorrow. I got a 23.4 pound turkey last night - that should hopefully be big enough for the 14 people we have coming over. One thing at my house - there is always enough food! (though I often worry there won't be!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

(I'll promise to have completed modeled Banff pictures this weekend!)