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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Well, the Deed is Done

I did it - I frogged my xback all the way back to a mere 4" wide tube. I measured it and it was 38" which is the large (no wonder why it was big) so I think I am going to do waist shaping down to a xsmall, then size back up to a small for the top. Have to think on that one and work out the measurements. Sigh. At least I'll come out of it with something wearable!

On a better note, I'm 20 rows from finishing Wavy!! Yipee!! And, my 6 skeins of Cotton Ease I won on ebay came - a beautiful turquoise. I think I'll use it for the other tank, and get the Mayfair for the honeymoon cami on Elann today. I'll see how the day goes!