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Monday, June 27, 2005

A little forward momentum

I bound off the socks - not my best work, but they are wearable and my sister likes them. I am determined to cast on another pair of socks and start again. I'm not sure if I'll use 2 circs again, or do the "traditional" dpn method. I really like the thought of having both done when I cast off instead of having to start another. We'll see......

My XBack is now re-done up to the point of dividing for all the parts. I tried on the tube and I think my other problem in the first go round was that the v started too low. So I added a few extra rows to compensate. I recalculated all the stitches so that the pattern will work for the 86 I have. Geez - smaller than the x-small size - not like I'll see that again! As much as I'm not a "form fitting" clothing kind of person, I think it will fit much better this way without the gaping I had before.

I should be able to finish it in the next few nights and be able to wear it to the July 4th party we might go to.

Summer hit with a vengance this weekend - high 90's and humid. Ick. Hand me an ice cream cone.